Scene 1

During the past two weeks I have been working with the first shot in the film, it has been taking a lot of time to figure out in what way I would like work, and what kind of style I am aiming for. Right now I am rendering a 100 sec. test scene, takes “only” 5 hours.  If you are lucky, and I am satisfied with the quality, I might be able to put it up for a short while.But first I need to put some sound to it(:

But for now, I will just give you a still.



~ by Ola on November 7, 2008.

One Response to “Scene 1”

  1. Very nice news, Ola. Wow, 100 seconds is quite a lot! Do you know, I remember reading that when Norshteyn was working on “The Overcoat” back in the 1980s, he had made something like 90 seconds of his film and then said “no, no, it’s not working, we have to start over.” and his cinematographer looked at him like he was crazy. 🙂

    If I may offer a small critique, it’s that the branch seems to have a lot of light falling on it from somewhere (big contrasts between light/dark), despite everything else in the picture being very muted. Or perhaps it’s the raven that should have more light contrasts on its front. Currently there seems to be one type of light for the branch, and another for the raven.

    I do wish we could get this blog and the forums synchronized, by the way…

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